Here’s a lineup of some of the batches I’ve cooked in the past:

  1. First Born Pale Ale.
    5 Gallons This is where it all started. I owe it to my lovely wife Kim for allowing Santa to bring me a homebrew kit. I was hooked!
  2. Rebel Rye Porter.
    5 Gallons From London to Kentucky and all points in between, porters have been a perennial favorite of beer lovers for most of modern history. For those that love the taste of rye, this beer takes it to a whole new level. Like our popular Bourbon Barrel Porter kit, this Brown Porter calls for the addition of American oak cubes and whiskey to secondary. But here the porter is laced on a healthy dose of rye malt, and we recommend rye whiskey instead of bourbon. The result is intense rye spiciness jutting out over subdued roast character and a dense malt base.
  3. Cream Ale.
    5 Gallons An ale version of the light, fizzy American lager style, cream ale is a specialty of the eastern US. Our Cream Ale is medium-bodied and smooth, gold in color and low in bitterness; the specialty grain blend adds some complexity with a clean, sweet malt profile and a hint of buttered toast in the aroma and flavor. A homebrewed “lawnmower beer” is pretty hard to beat as a summertime thirst-quencher.
  4. Bavarian Hefeweizen.
    5 Gallons Extremely popular in its homeland of southern Germany, Weizenbier (wheat beer) is now being enjoyed all over the world. Medium-bodied, refreshing, and tolerant of high fermentation temperatures. Hefeweizen is a fantastic summer brew. Northern Brewer’s Hefe-Weizen is 100% traditional— cloudy, tart, and a bit sour, with a phenolic and banana-clove character imparted by the yeast. To serve authentically, “mit hefe” (with yeast), pour almost all the beer into a tall glass, swirl the bottle, and add the rest.
  5. Barleywine.
    5 Gallons Barleywine is a huge ale with a huge malt bill and a huge hop load to balance it. This English-style Barleywine beer has intense, concentrated malt flavor with vinous, dried fruit, and molasses notes laced with a charge of hop bitterness and considerable alcohol content. This beer was kegged after 14 months of aging.
  6. Chinook IPA.
    All-Grain 10 Gallons This American IPA has a relatively modest gravity and an immodest hop character derived entirely from a single hop variety. Chinook hops have long been used by US brewers for bittering additions, but their intense aroma and flavor have caught on only recently. This kit is a bit lower in gravity and lighter in the body than our other IPA recipes, which enhances the perceived bitterness and reduces the aging requirements. It shows up in the glass with a reddish-gold color and a thick, resinous Chinook aroma that lingers after the glass is emptied.
  7. Cascade Mountains West Coast Imperial IPA.
    5 Gallons Imperial IPA used to essentially mean a “doubling” of everything in a recipe – dating from the time when kings and emperors would receive a brewer’s best efforts as tribute. In modern times, early efforts at West Coast brewing powerhouses such as Stone, Rogue, and Blind Pig often did take that simple approach – start with a basic IPA, and make it times two. Over time, themes and variations came about that tweaked the formula. Preference shifted away from malt dominators, towards a cleaner, crisper, less sweet-finishing beer. The hopping regime also shifted from simply “more hops at more times” to later and later in the boil, spilling over heavily into the dry hop. The end result is a hop-dominated, high-alcohol beer that threatens yearly hop supplies with its obsession with the richest oils and aromatics.
  8. Hopqulia Robusto Double IPA.
    10 Gallons There’s something to be said for the unique flavor and profound provenance of the definitively Mexican tequila. Much like craft beer, there are massive producers and tiny micros, and a wide array of flavors to explore. Here, we see tequila joining with the king of the super-hoppy beer world, double IPA. This DIPA uses a single hop aroma/flavor varietal, Mosaic – it bears aromas of honeydew melon, crisp citrus, and powerfully fruity late-summer berries. The marriage of the two potent potables is astoundingly brilliant the tequila enhances Mosaic’s natural flavors and aromas, but brings its own spicy and fruity character, for a pint muy delicioso. Infused with a 100% pure agave Tequila to compliment the sweet malt.
  9. Belgian Tripel.
    5 Gallons The next step up from Dubbel in the monastic beer classification, Tripel is higher in alcohol than Dubbel but is actually lighter in color and body. The addition of clear candy sugar dilutes the malt bill, which helps preserve the golden color and makes the body deceptively light for a beer of this strength. Spicy and fruity with a gentle sweetness and hints of alcohol throughout leading to a dry and mildly bitter finish.
  10. Synchronicity Extraordinaire.
    Wheaten Saison 5 Gallons A brew that defies expectations. Sip no further than this extraordinary saison.
  11. Kimmy’s King Kolsch Ale.
    10 Gallons A light golden ale with a persistent white head. You’ll find pleasant fruity flavors balanced nicely with the delicious taste of wheat. My wife’s favorite so we named it Kimmy’s Kolsch.
  12. DR Booker’s IPA.
    All-Grain, 10 Gallons. Just what the doctor ordered. This is an American Style IPA from a modified Dead Ringer (DR) recipe. American base malt and crystal create the big body and grainy sweetness while the hops deliver bitterness with dominant citrus aroma and flavor. Booker’s Bourbon Whiskey infusion adds notes of oak, vanilla, smoke, and fruit, and leaves a great aftertaste.
  13. American Wheat.
    10 Gallons A wheat ale with medium hopping and a fairly clean, neutral finish – a spritzy, refreshing warm-weather crowd-pleaser. Like their German cousins, American wheat beers feature large proportions of malted wheat in the grain bill and are naturally a bit cloudy in appearance. Unlike German Hefe Weizen, though, American wheat beers have a bit more hop character and are fermented with a milder-tasting yeast, resulting in a more clean, neutral finish. With a spicy noble hop aroma and tart finish, it’s a spritzy, refreshing crowd-pleaser.
  14. 1800 Historic English Ale.
    All Grain 10 Gallons. “Recipe converted from a historic recipe dated from the year 1800. Bittering calculations were off the charts, so we used the same number of pounds of hops, but moved much of the addition to the later part of the boil. The original recipe called for 1 bittering addition.
  15. Big Barleywine.
    10 Gallons. This is another “Ale-By-I”. I selected all the ingredients myself. Even the water used was sitting in Bourbon Whiskey (BW) barrels* for 6 weeks. After fermentation, the BW was aged for over a year. The calculated ABV is about 10%. Due to the richness and sweetness of the high gravity beer, it’s more meant as a sipping beer to enjoy during a sweet dessert. Sip and enjoy like a dram of fine scotch. * the bourbon and rye whiskey barrels used were refilled with pure, grade-A, dark amber maple syrup that is harvested from the eastern United States, and Pacific Northwest mountain wildflower honey. They put them away to age gracefully where they absorb all the delicious flavors from the barrel: vanilla, caramel, wood spice, and best of all a hint of whiskey!
  16. Synchronicity Extraordinaire.
    Wheaten Saison 10 Gallons A brew that defies expectations. Sip no further than this extraordinary saison. This is the second time brewing this batch – the first time I lost the batch due to a plugged heat exchanger and couldn’t cool wort fast enough.
  17. Kimmy’s Kolsch Ale II.
    10 Gallons A light golden ale with a persistent white head. You’ll find pleasant fruity flavors balanced nicely with the delicious taste of wheat. My wife loves this light beer – so we named it Kimmy’s Kolsch. This is the second time brewing this batch. Brewed Batches
  18. Hop Lord.
    All-Grain 10 Gallons All hail humulone and behold the monarch of myrcene – Hop Lord, the Imperial IPA. Columbus and Centennial pledge their farnesene fealty to the Czar of Caryophyllene. Sumptuous floral-citrus and dank resinous pungency unite to create an aromatic army of powerful earthy, spicy, citrusy hop force. Every sip is a tempest on your tongue, as the Hop Lord’s lupulin legions engage in an epic battle with multitudes of malt to decide who shall preside over your palate. The malt foundation is substantial yet dry, and despite the authoritative ABV of over 10%, the toasty and caramelly malt is no match for the power of the Hop Lord’s heavy-handed hop additions, for this is an Imperial IPA that rules!
  19. BIG Citra Wheat.
    All-Grain 10 Gallons This is a highly modified recipe handed to me from Brewmaster Jeremy of the Gore Range Brewery in Edwards Colorado. BIG in the Citra Hops as well as Chinook and Cascade, but also made it a BIG beer as well – 1.097.
  20. Kimmy’s Kolsch II.
    All-Grain 10 Gallons A honey Kölsch recipe with the addition of honey and a new yeast strain for a lighter body and flavor. Like our original Kölsch kit, this recipe features a pale color, light body, and smooth mouthfeel. Honey adds a subtle floral character and lightens the body by fermenting to dryness. This is a take-off from the last Kolsch-style beer I did last year.
  21. 115th Dream Hopbursted Imperial IPA.
    All-Grain 10 Gallons History has known this terrifying ale by many names: Darth Humulus, One Pound Johnny, the Green Monster, Cerveza del Diablo, Lord of the Fly Sparge, Harvester of Cones. There’s no need for us to gild the lily, so how about some data followed by some facts: one pound of hops (yeah, a pound of hops), 9.2% abv, IBUs in the neighborhood of 120. Hop bursting is a technique that contributes a significant percentage of a beer’s total bitterness through late additions, which as a byproduct creates a psychedelic amount of hop aroma and flavor
  22. Kama Citra Session IPA.
    Traditionalists Cascade and Centennial meet the bold, exotic tropical character of Citra. Rather than clash uncomfortably, these spirited hops fall into rare form and flavor that rushes across the tongue in ripe citrus-fruit bursts. The overwhelming aroma is backed by an uncannily soft malt backbone for a satisfying union of Sessionable and IPA. A highly flavorful IPA beer kit that makes it easy to drink more than one.
  23. Dry Heat IPA.
    A Chinook IPA, this ale has a straightforward malt profile but really shines in the hop department with a spicy earthiness that should please any hop head.

    And we suffered 6 lost brew batches. See recent batches starting again in Sept 2023 – click here