In 2019, we retired, sold our home, and spent 3 years in Mexico, facing challenges for homebrewing due to import taxes and supply delays. Now in Western Australia since 2023, free from those constraints, I’m rekindling my passion for crafting beer. After a 4-year break, I upgraded to the Brewzilla gen 4 and embraced Kegland’s product lineup, leaving behind the struggles of the older Blichmann Top Tier Burner system. Explore the evolution of my brewing journey!

Below is a list of the batches brewed post-2019 starting with batch #30.

#30 Kimmy’s Kolsch III
28 Sept 2023
My first brew in 4 years and only “7 days grain to glass“. I call this Kimmy’s Kolsch, this is the third successful batch which is dedicated to the Wifey. Great springtime beer. A little on the hazy side (forgot to add the Whirlfloc) and a couple of hiccups with the first run, also needs a tad more forced carbonation but 1 week from all-grain to glass-drain with great taste – dang! The first thing the wife noticed was the fruity flowery aroma and taste with a note of spice.
First 3 days with no pressure fermentation in hopes of keeping some of the fruity aroma esters and 4 days under pressure (12psi) to finish the fermentation. Only a single hop was used – Hallertau (60-30-5).
OG 1.040 (target 1.047)
FG 1.008 (target 1.011)
ABV 4.20% (target 4.73%)

#31 American IPA
23 Sept 2023

A hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale. A beer with such a name should have a bold and stirring character and India Pale Ales usually deliver.
Pressure fermentation (15psi)
OG 1.050 (target 1.063)
FG 1.011 (target 1.014)
OCT 3 = ABV 5.12% (target 6.4%)
Oct 2 had trouble transferring due to the floating pickup intake plugged by the Kraussen.

#32 New England IPA (NEIPA)
29 Sept 2023

A NEIPA is essentially an unfiltered IPA that’s been aggressively hopped. A hazy, juicy IPA packed with fruity and floral flavors.
OG 1.060 (target 1.062)
FG 1.016 (target 1.015)
ABV 4.20% (target 6.04%)

#33 Hardcore IPA
15 Oct 2023

A Brewdog recipe. Pounding a triple payload of the biggest North American hops humanity has devised, braced by a backbone of caramel malt, this beer is deep, astringent and resinous, pushing to the extremes of lupulin thresholds. There’s nothing inscrutable going on; no mystery in the backstory. It doesn’t seek to be understood. A beer incapable of empathy; only hop overload.
Grains were accidentally mixed with Begium Trappist (#35). Will try this again in an upcoming brew.
OG 1.060 (target 1.063)
FG 1.011 (target 1.014)
OCT 3 = ABV 5.12% (target 6.43%)

#34 New Zealand IPA
5 Nov 2023

This New Zealand Red India Pale Ale (IPA) is reddish-amber to dark reddish-copper coloured, hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong like an American IPA, but with some caramel, toffee, and/or dark fruit malt character.
48 hr yeast starter. Pressure fermentation. Dry hopped. Fermented under pressure (15psi) 10 days.
OG 1.043 (target 1.062)
FG 1.005 (target 1.012)
ABV 4.99% (target 6.6%)

#35 Belgium Trappist – BATCH FAIL
19 Nov 2023

Another Brewdog recipe. Abbey-style yeasts add distinctive spicy and fruity notes and dry out the finished beer.
Grains were accidentally mixed with Hardcore IPA (#33). I’ll leave it to carb up and condition for a few days but the initial taste was very unpleasant. Will try the original recipe in another upcoming brew.
Fermented under pressure (15psi) 9 days followed by a day cold crash before transfer.
OG 1.049 (target 1.060)
FG 1.015 (target 1.012)
ABV 4.46% (target 6.6%)

#36 Mangrove Jacks Apple Cider
19 Nov 2023

The taste of delicious orchard apples, light and crisp with a juicy apple bite. Enjoy any time, chilled or on ice.
Notes: went with 1/2 pack of sweeter. On the 11th day transferred to Keg. Total volume 21.5L (target 23L – purposely left short to intensify taste and up the ABV)
SP 1.050 (target 1.050)
FG: 1.002
ABV 6.3% (target 5.2%)

#37 Czech Pilsner Urquell
30 Nov 2023

In the fermenter – see the Pilsner being born on my Facebook page – direct FB link

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